22October 2019

Tricks to Improve Your Basic Mathematics Skills To Perform Best as Machinist

When it comes to math, the basic problem arises is dealing with complicated math calculations.  The handy machine maths such as speed feeds and related mathematics formulae.  Numbers are in an appropriate format to predict the round-about idea on something.  There are many tooling manufacturers such as surface feet per minute, revolutions per minute, chip load per tooth, inches per minute and many more.  Lacks of easy tricks for these mathematics concepts, students do require mathematics assignment writing help service in USA. Students must concern on understanding the basic formulae to minimize their burden to calculate easy solution by their own. The basic mathematics concept contributes its role in an electrician, welding, fitter and other departments.

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Basic Mathematics Techniques One Must Aware of

  • Fractions to Decimals:

Machinist does require making math’s conversions from fraction to decimal and vice- versa. Some of them are easy to solve, whereas, others are bit too complicated. Like you need to change, 14/20 in a decimal form. Try to calculate the terms with multiplying in a way to get zero figures to convert it in a decimal form.  Let’s come back to the problem 14/20 both numerator and denominator must be multiplied by 5 to get result 70/ 100. Divide zero digits of numerator and denominator; you will get 7/10. Thus,  the result must be  7

Now try another examples: 36/45, divide it by the smallest divisible , such as 3 to receive 12/15 and further divide it by 3 to  get 4/5 and make decimal after 4 and take 0 to divide by 5  and receive the resultant as 0.8 in a simplified form. Another example is 11/ 30, instead of multiplying it with 10 or 5, remember that you have 0 after the digit 3(denominator). Just make sure to remove the 0 from the denominator and put the decimal before the ones’ digit. It would looks like 1.1, then divide it by 3 and the result would be 0.333.

  • Length Conversion Rates:

To understand this concept, one might be aware of learning changing imperial to metrics and the other way round. In the local language to guide other, inch and meter metrics are used. On the other hand, for making sheets and layout mm and cm are used.  So, learn using both concepts to increase your knowledge and make profound use of your skills.

You must learn the basic metrics such as, 1 inch= 2.54 cm, 12 inch= 30.48cm, 1foot= 12 inch=30.48cm=304.8mm.

With the above mentioned examples, you must notice one point that  in general words to move from small to large, division must take place and to move from large to small multiplication can be considered.

  • Speeds and Feeds:

To find the speeds and feeds a wise concern on the basic elements can help you to calculate the right result for your tools. It is basically used to find the workability of the tools in a minute. Feeds can be in a form of tiny triangle, semi-circle or in any geometrical figure. SFPM (surface feet per minute), chips loads per tooth, revolutions per minutes are a few things that is needed to be calculated by using confirmed formulae’s. A table of material and basic numbering of elements in it can help you to calculate speed and feed rate.

  • High School Mathematics:

Try to have a good command over the high school mathematics. It comprises of geometry, statistics, trigonometry and arithmetic. Each one has a specific role in building your mental ability. Learn table up to 40 and square root and cube root up to 35.  And fractional calculation to improve your basic mathematics skills.

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