31January 2018

What are the Top Ten Issues with Students Concerning Math Assignment?

What are Math Assignments?

Math is a subject under the discipline of Abstract sciences. It involves calculations and derivations leading to concrete conclusions. Math is defined by its set of problems, the methodologies used to solve these problems and the results it achieve on solutions. Most of the students find math as a boring and complex subject. Most of the assignments depict the problems and their solutions. The students had to deal with these assignments from high school assignments up to the seriously complex dissertations and thesis pertaining to PhD courses in math.

What are the Top Ten issues in Math Assignments?

  • Nature of Math: To most of the students Math seems boring. But to the serious ones who have discovered the essence and depth of mathematics find it fun in dealing with it. Not everything in math is boring and not everything in math is fun. You have to make it fun.
  • Serious Practice: The best way to learn math is not by reading but by practicing. You should know answer to every type of math problem in a chapter before going on to the next one.
  • Role of women in Math: Most of the women are not into this discipline. These women are taught from the beginning that it is not your cup of tea and they believe in it. They do not put efforts in learning math.
  • Respect to mathematicians: Most of the mathematicians deserve more respect and money for making this subject more likeable. There is need to encourage and award these type of teachers who contribute positively to this subject.
  • Development of mathematicians: Math teachers should be given more opportunities and liberties for developing themselves as well as the subject.
  • Math is an authority: Math becomes an authority when used in right way. So dealing it with confidence makes it demanding.
  • Math should not be mandatory: Students should be left to make out what they like and what they don’t. Students should be encouraged to learn math but it should not be mandatory.
  • Learning experience of students: Students should learn from good experiences of other students to make the subject more interesting.
  • Different types of problems in Math: Students when face a problem takes whole of math as a problem. Some problems are interesting also.
  • Readiness to answer: Teachers should encourage students to ask questions and be ready to answer in an interesting way. This will help the students to gain confidence in removing their doubts.

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