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15December 2017

Tips And Tricks To Avoid Plagiarism While Writing Essays

From the time you have started understanding things and writing content for academic or for any other use; you would have come across to a word called plagiarism. Teachers must have told you to avoid plagiarism in your content. But, the problem is you find it really difficult to keep your content hundred percent plagiarisms free. Even if you try hard, you are unable to avoid plagiarism in your content hundred percent. If this is the case, then here we are suggesting you methods using which you can make your essay or content Plagiarism free.

Plagiarism is a factor that can spoil even the hardest word. And frankly speaking this is not at all easy for a student who does not have much professional exposure for writing to come up with a complete plagiarism free write-up. BookMyEssay which is a known service provider of the field also caters all variations in essay writing help.

So, some of the best ways to avoid Plagiarism in the essay are here:

Pay Someone or Learn to Avoid

If you face the problem of plagiarism in your content often and now if you are in a situation where you cannot afford to have plagiarized content, then it is better to pay someone to get the content written for you.The professionals are well aware how to make the content plagiarism free without compromising the quality. You can take the help of BookMyEssay essay writing help to get non-plagiarized content. However, in-case you are required to write the content of different type and often, and then it is very obvious that paying someone for the service is not a wise idea. Therefore, learning to avoid plagiarism is a good move. Let’s understand what exactly the plagiarism is.

What is Plagiarism and what is Plagiarized Content?

According to Merriam Webster “Plagiarism is an act of using work or idea of a different person without informing them or without taking their permission or giving them any credit”. If taken in brief then the plagiarism is meaning is:

  • Using words or work of a different person and not putting it in quotation marks.
  • Paraphrasing quite close to or exactly the original content
  • Copying work of a different percent exactly as it is
  • Not giving credit to original writers or the author and taking their ideas.

The plagiarism is done in two ways, either the writer has copies the content of another person intentionally, or it has been copied accidentally in the absence of knowledge.

Some of the Effective Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Now, when you have developed understanding what exactly the plagiarism is, now it’s the time to learn how to avoid it.

Cite All Sources Properly

This is one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism, cite sources using particular writing styles like APA, Chicago or MLA etc. With the use of particular style, if your teacher recommends, you can become assure that you have cited all available sources properly which are used in your essay. In a situation where you are paraphrasing and not including citations, then there are chances that your content will become plagiarized. This should be avoided. On the other hand, as you have paraphrased, quoted and cited, still have concerns about plagiarism, use the plagiarism checker software to correct it.

Use Quotation Marks

The second way to avoid plagiarism is using quotation marks to give references properly. This is easier than others as it is very straightforward. In case you want to use few lines of a poem to start your content, use quotation mark.


It is just like rewriting the content after reading it whole and understanding it.

If this seems tough to you, then you can take essay writing, academic report writing help of BookMyEssay  professionals to get plagiarism free content without taking any pain.

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