10January 2018

Testing of Tools Created by Mechanical Engineers- See how to do this?

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering which involves application of principles of physics to mechanical systems. To become a mechanical engineer one should have a sound knowledge of mechanics, energy, thermodynamics, kinematics etc.

What are Some Software Applications to Test Tools Created by Mechanical Engineers?

Any tool created by mechanical engineers has to be tested for its efficient working and reliability. There are various softwares available in the market which can test the tools and can provide an accurate output. Below are mentioned some of the popular software which are used in testing the mechanical engineering tools.

  • TestRail: TestRail is a software founded in 2004 by Gurock Software Company. It was their first tool used for planning and testing the mechanical engineering tools . The tool has a user-friendly interface, comprehensible buttons’ arrangement, and carefully thought system of switching between contiguous features. It is really useful to execute testing based on test scenarios, making test reports and creating a bug and upload it to integrated bug trackers such as JIRA.
  • TestLink: It has some difficulties with installation. It is used by many Development Teams and QA Engineers for testing their mechanical engineering tools.
  • JIRA: It is mainly a bug tracker aimed at controlling the development process with tasks, bugs and other types of agile cards. It can work with Zephyr. If you use a combination of those two, you will get full service according to the functionality of test management tools. (JIRA + Zephyr)
  • PractiTest: It integrates with JIRA, Pivotal tracker, Redmine and other softwares. If you have some atomized tests working with Selenium or Jenkins, this test management tool can work with them too by using API.
  • qTest: The project was developed in 2012 and aims at helping not only the mechanical engineering tool testers but the entire team during the development. The interface is simple, and user-friendly.
  • TestCollab: This software can get information on quality in the form of Success Rate depicting how good your product is. Furthermore, there is Spent Time functionality that helps in rating the effort each team member has contributed.
  • TestLodge: It has an unusual design. This service allows customizing not only the standard fields concerning test cases and test runs, it also gives an opportunity to create roles, categories, priorities, choose necessary parameters to be depicted in the graphics, export settings etc.
  • QA coverage: This software has its own bug tracker module called Defect Module. So one need not integrate it with other systems to create bugging issues. It solely can take care of testing and bug tracking.
  • TestCaseLab: You can create a project or invite members and appoint them on either of two roles i.e. the Project Admin or Project Member. TestCaseLab offers its own format of files which is a nice test case example for beginners. The service integrates with most of the bug trackers like Redmine, JIRA and Pivotal etc.
  • EasyQA: It is probably the newest entry in the tool testing software market as there are so many new options available for testing. For example, if your test product is a mobile app for platforms like Android or iOS, it can prove very useful. This software’s library is able to catch and send crashes to dashboard quickly.

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