8November 2017

Know the Basics of Geometry to Have a Strong Knowledge of Mathematics

Geometry is the most elementary science known to the human race. It is also the oldest form of mathematics from which all other forms of mathematics have arisen. The word “Geometry” means measuring the earth. In this branch of mathematics, the properties of all objects surrounding us are depicted through different figures called geometric figures and geometric patterns.

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Basics of Geometry

Euclid was one of the major contributors to geometry. He is also called the father of geometry. The basics of geometry are actually the part of Euclidian geometry. In the high schools and colleges, students are also taught higher geometry called non-Euclidian geometry.

At the elementary level, geometry is the branch of mathematics where the students are given lessons on the size, shape, and situation of 2-dimensional, and 3-dimensional figures. Unknowingly or unknowingly everyone uses geometry.

Some Common Terms in Geometry are as Follows:

  • Lines and line Segments: A line has no end, it consists of innumerable points that join together. A line segment is a part of a line. A line segment has certain starting and ending points.
  • A ray: A ray is a part of a like that can increase in only one direction.
  • Angles: An angle is a geometric figure formed by two intersecting lines going in different directions.
  • Intersecting lines, parallel lines, and perpendicular lines: When two or more lines cross each other at a certain point, they are called intersecting lines. On the other hand, when two or more lines progresses indefinitely keeping equal distance with each other, that is called parallel lines and when the intersecting lines form an angle of 90-degrees with each other, it is called perpendicular lines.
  • Triangle: A geometric figure that possesses three sides. Triangles have different sizes and shapes. Different categories of triangles are anequilateral triangle, right-angled triangle, isosceles triangle, etc.
  • Rectangle: A rectangle is a geometric figure with four sides and four interior angles each of which is 90-degrees. The opposite sides of a rectangle are equal in length.
  • Circle: A circle is a closed shape on a two-dimensional plane where a group of points always maintain an equal distance from a certain point called the center. The group of points is called perimeter of the circle.

Besides, students learn about several other geometric shapes and figures and asked to apply them in solving various problems.

Two Other Important Terms in Geometry are Plane Geometry and Solid Geometry

  1. Plane geometry: Any two-dimensional geometric figure and the study of their features are the part of plane geometry.
  2. Solid geometry: Any three-dimensional geometric figure and the study of their features are the part of solid geometry.

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