2November 2017

Have Doubts in Academic Report Writing? Refer an Expert and Clear the Doubts

Academic report writing follows a process. It depends on the subject, so if you are in marketing or human resource the report structure will be somewhat different from that of an academic report in nursing or sociology. In any case, report writing is an essential skill that you should master at any cost. A little bit of help from expert report writers as available with BookMyEssay can be taken to understand the matter clearly and learn some essential tips in Report Writing Help in your subject. Many students complain that they could not write it well even though the topic is a known one. After reading the blog all confusion will be cleared.

What is a Report?

If you have some knowledge on essay writing, you will be able to learn the art of report writing soon. A report contains the following aspects:

  • An introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • All through a formal style of writing.
  • Research base writing with sufficient data or information to support your view.
  • The neat and clear presentation that should be fairly impressive.

Did You See Lots of Semblance with an Essay Writing? Read the Following:

  • A report writing should be on the basis of facts and evidence, not only on your views and opinion. “I think, XYZ company should adopt a new strategy” can be viable in essay writing, in report writing, you have to bring data and prove why your “opinion” really matters.
  • Report writing is normally meant for a specific audience. Though this is not the case in Academic Report Writing while writing an academic report you have a specific audience in mind.
  • The headings and subheadings are numbered like 2 for a heading and 2.1/2.2/2.3 etc. for the subheadings under that heading.
  • In a report, you have to use short and clearly written paragraphs with bold points wherever required.
  • Uses of references and bibliography may or may not require. You have to follow the guidelines for the same.
  • Most reports are written with appendices. Here again, you have to follow the guidelines.
  • In a report a conclusion is not enough, you have to add a recommendation which mentions the next step the concerned people should take in the related matter.

Typical Format in a Report

Following Sections are Essential in a Report Writing. Look at the following:

  • Title page: It narrates the aim of the report.
  • Abstract or executive summary: It brings the entire report with 200-300 words. But, it should be clear and complete.
  • TOC (Table of Content): Listing of all headings and subheadings.
  • Introduction: Develops the environment of the report, i.e. what you are going to investigate or investigate, why you are working on that topic, and the process you are going to adapt.
  • Main body: This is where you use all your knowledge, data or information, and relevant methodology to make explain the topic or problem.
  • Conclusion: Here you write what you got from the investigation, the significance of the findings, and consequences thereof.
  • Recommendation: The next possible step related to the findings and consequences. In most of the cases, the recommendation is made for a solution to come out of the hurdles for which the report was prepared.
  • References: List of sources used for data and information.
  • Appendices: The graphs, charts, images, tables, etc. used in the main body are shown here with proper referencing.

So, report writing should be systematic. You can learn the system with an expert help from BookMyEssay’s Academic Report Writing Help. You have to know the tits and bits of report writing to score high in the task.

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