25April 2018

Detailed Information about Ecosystem and its Four Basic Components

This is mainly made up of living organisms and non-living components like air, water as well as mineral soil. This subject may be studied either as contingent collections of various plants and animals. You can also define as structured system and communicates that are directed by basic rules and regulations. We know that fact that ecosystem is controlled by the internal and external factors. You can simply define the external factor like water, soil minerals, energy etc. The main energy source for the ecosystem is sun.The main structure of the ecosystem delivers the information about the range of the climate conditions that prevail in area. It is simply a description of the various species of organisms that are present, containing the information on their life histories, populations and distribution in space.

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Four Basic Components of An Ecosystem:

  • Abiotic System: This system mainly includes the organic and inorganic components of the environment. The main and important inorganic components are carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water, phosphate, calcium and all of which are mainly involved in matter biogeochemical cycles. In another part, the organics components for ecosystem are carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, proteins etc. The main and essential components of ecosystem are climate, temperature, light, soil etc.
  • Procedure:All the procedures are autotrophic organism like chemosynthetic and photosynthetic bacteria, blue green algae and various green plants. All these processes are mainly known as producers because they capture energy from different non-organics sources, mainly light and store some of the energy the form of chemical bonds as well.
  • Consumers: All the process are mainly used to improve the ecosystem. Consumers are the heterotrophic organism in the complete ecosystem which eat other living creatures as well. There are herbivores which mainly eat green plants and carnivores which only eat animals. All the consumers also called phototroph or macroconsumers. We can also call the macroconsumer as primary and carnivores are also known as secondary.
  • Reduces and Decomposers: You can also define as reducers, decomposers as heterotrophic organism that breakdowns dead as well as waste matter. In these prime categories are fungi and certain bacteria. We can get the enzymes onto the dead plants and animals. All these kinds of chemicals digest the dead organism into smaller molecules which can be easily absorb by the saprotrophs or you can say that fungi. In this whole process, decomposers take the complete energy and matter that they harvest during this complete feeding process for their own metabolism. The main and important function of the decomposer is that they can easily tear the main parts into small bits and release the atoms and molecules into the environment.

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