8January 2019

Descriptive Statistics – A Vital Aspect of Statistical Analysis

Statistics is that branch of mathematics which deals with gathering, interpreting, and organizing the information or data. There is some data, which must be read and understand by applying some statistical techniques in lieu of applying fancy algorithms, and make some future predictions. This allows a person to comprehend the kind of distribution data possess. There are so many terms that you must better understand when composing assignment, and search for statistics assignment help online from reputed experts.

What is Statistical Analysis?

Statistical analysis refers to the process of collection of methods used for processing the huge amount of data or information, and report complete tendency. With this, you can get several ways of reporting on how uncommon event generally depends on specific historical data.

What is Descriptive Statistics?

This concept of statistics comprises of the process of summarizing and organizing the data for their detailed and proper understanding. It is usually done to describe the data, and does not develop based on the probability theory. You can use this form of statistics to show the data and do its characterization on the basis of its properties.

Uses of descriptive statistics:

There are mainly two uses of descriptive statistics, and these are as follows –

  1. Describe the potential relationships/connectivity between variables.
  2. Give a short brief of the variables in a dataset

Types of Descriptive Statistics

The descriptive statistics are mainly of 2 types – measures of variability and measures of central tendency. But, they can further categorize into more types i.e. measures of position, measure of frequency, and measures of dispersion or variation. Here is a short description of these 4 types of descriptive statistics.

  • Measures of dispersion or variation: It provides the vital information about the dispersion of value of the variables. Its main key measures are range, skew, variance, and standard deviation.
  • Measures of position: This type of statistics is extremely useful when you want to understand the reduction in scores with respect to each other. Its key measures include quartile rank and percentile rank.
  • Measure of central tendency: It is commonly referred to the thought that one number summarizes the whole series of measurements, and there is one number that is in some way central to the whole set of measurements. Its key measures comprises of mean, median, and mode.
  • Measure of frequency: This form of descriptive statistics is used when you want to describe how often a particular response is given. Its key measures include count, frequency, and percent.

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