1October 2020

Contract Law: Everything You Should Know About Legal Rules Of Consideration

Implementing any legal contract demands it to have an ingredient of consideration incorporated into it. In more concise words, it is nothing but a value that the promisee consents to pay to the promisor. Now, this amount is paid as an interest to the promisor and sometimes a loss or damage to the promisee. In this blog, we will talk about this twofold perspective of consideration in detail. The students can also use Contract Law Assignment Help online offered by the professionals at BookMyEssay.

In contract law, consideration is clearly the substitution of one item of value for another. The consideration is the major element that should be presented for a contract to be enforceable. Consideration needs to both legitimately satisfactory and bargained-for by the accepting party.

Why Contract Should Be Enforceable?

You must have heard of the popular saying that “a rose is a rose is a rose”. And for the significant part, it is true. But when we talk about the contract law, a contract is not a contract every time. In other words, a contract must have the following six components to be considered enforceable.

  1. A proposal presented by the promisor.
  2. Acceptance of the proposal by the promisee.
  3. Consideration in the type of money or a commitment to do or not do something.
  4. Correlation between contractors to bear the commitments of the contract.
  5. The capacity of both contractors in understanding and duration.
  6. The legality of terms and conditions.

This is the purpose for which we have to focus on consideration or substitution of bargained-for commitments between two or more contractors. The students can learn more about this by using homework writing help online rendered by the subject matter experts. As we have learned, consideration is just something of value switched between the participants in a contract.

Important Elements to Restrain Consideration

Legitimately Satisfactory

Here, the value the promisor is taken into the consideration and it must be of the equal value the promisee puts on the performance of the contract conditions. The participants must know what is there for them.

Let’s understand it with an example; if James (promisor) offers Kelly (promisee) $300.00 to fix his vehicle, and Kelly holds, the $300.00 is a consideration (the price) for the fixing (performance).

In order to attain legally sufficient, the consideration of the conditions must meet the value. A participant cannot guarantee to do something with a legal obligation. A police officer can’t expect to get a reward for capturing and arresting a fugitive. The promisee should complete an act not customarily restrained to perform. A police officer is not allowed to contract individualistic security services for his community while he is performing duty at his routine job. He already has an obligation with his job to defend the neighborhood or community as a whole.


Consideration should also be bargained-for. This means that there is an interchange of promise and something valuable where both participants achieve a reward and acquire damage in the contract. To understand it in a better way the students can ask for assignment writing help in Houston online from the experts.

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