2May 2018

Complete Information about Likert 4 Management Leadership Styles

Likert and his associated old studied the patterns and style of managers for three decades at the University of Michigan, USA and identified a four-fold model of entire management systems. This model is completely based on the various queries of the various management systems. Here we are defining the Likert 4 management styles in our informative blog over leadership assignment help:

  • Exploitative Authoritative: In this system all the responsibilities and duties controlled by the people at the upper level of the hierarchy. In this system, the superior has no trust as well as self-confidence in their assistants. All the decisions are entirely taken by the assistants. The most important regulation for the entire management is they don’t discuss the information about the job to any other members. In this management system the coordination level is very less and they don’t have the facility of motivation also. In this management, all the employees work independently and complete the work.
  • Benevolent Authoritative: In this management system all the decision is taken by the management system. All the work is mainly done by the upper management for the employees. In this management system, management trust on their employees and help them to achieve their goals also. They also deliver the motivational help to the employees. Here the negative point is that people don’t discuss the information about the management and work as well. Here team work is very less and they work independently. All the work assigned by the leader and he take the responsibility to complete the task properly.
  • Consultative: This is the best management system as compare to others. In this system all the work equally divided into the all levels of management from top to bottom. All the level of the management work as a proper team and complete the goal. Here the management trust their employees and they can easily discuss some points about the management to the supervisors. Here they can easily get the chance to work in a team.
  • Participative: Here every team member of the management system is equally responsible for the output. They work as a particular team and get the output. They have trust on each other and discuss their work with other employees also. In this management they have high level of confidence to each other and they have high level of team work also. They can easily communicate with each other.

The main functions of these system have been defined by the Likert done a profile of organizational characteristics. In this Leadership Assignment, the core four management systems have been compared to one another on the basis of the certain organizational variables which are:

  • Leadership processes
  • Motivational Forces
  • Interaction influence process
  • Management cash flow process
  • Management Team work
  • Management work strategy
  • Management work authorities
  • Management hierarchy policies

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