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1December 2017

Chemistry Assignment Help :-Research Proposal on Green Chemistry


Green Chemistry involves designing and use of chemical processes as well as products with the objective of eliminating the use of hazardous substances. Green chemistry technologies have numerous benefits and they offer safer products, reduction in the use of energy and resources, reduction of waste, price, and competitiveness. Green energy helps to keep environments safe. The following study explores the production of biomass briquettes.


Briquette is a compressed block of sawdust, coal dust, charcoal or woodchip and is used for fuelling or kindling a fire. They are small in size, have varying colors. They may vary in size and it depends on the press.

Background/literature Review on Green Chemistry

With the rise in fuel costs, the technologists are increasingly looking for ways to reduce heat costs, particularly in the developing countries, they are looking forward to providing a safe, reliable and affordable fuel that is environmentally friendly. Briquettes are blocks of compressed coal dust, charcoal dust, sawdust, wooden chips, biomass and they are extensively used as fuel in stoves and boilers. The briquettes which are not made of carbonized materials can be smoky. To make smokeless briquettes, use carbonized materials. Through the process of carbonization, the organic substances are converted into carbon in the absence of oxygen. The biomass briquettes are made from biomass. Manufacturing biomass briquettes are simple and it involves by partially decomposing the raw materials for about a couple of weeks. The material can then be dried, crushed to form a slurry substance which is then put into a briquette machine (briquette press) for pressing the briquettes into the desired sizes.


Briquette manufacturing process is simple and it can be done at homes and in this way one can ensure a continuous supply of fuel whenever needed. However, one can opt to purchase briquettes from manufacturers who sell these items at low costs. On this context, it is relevant to say that manufacturing briquettes is simple, involves the use of cheap materials and therefore is cost-effective. Briquette usage saves 40-60% of fuel costs, they are environmentally friendly. Briquette production requires skilled labor. Briquettes are quite popular in the market. The Biomass briquettes have numerous benefits over conventional fuels like oil, coal, natural gas, propane and other fuel items like paper, Greenwood, woodchips, husks, and fibers.

Benefits of Biomass Briquetting

Cost –Briquettes are cost-effective products when compared to other fuel items. The process of briquette manufacturing is easy and can be done at home.

Storage and handling – Compacting the biomass waste to manufacture briquettes significantly reduces their volume. This makes it easy to transport as well as store the briquettes when compared to store other fuel items which are hazardous to store.

Pollution – The briquettes are cleaner than other fuel alternatives such as firewood and coal. The briquettes manufacturing systems are popular as they do not create harmful dust.

Efficiency – They burn slowly and efficiently. They burn in the burners and boilers. They are extensively used in the utility companies and are used as supplements to solid fuel sources such as coal.

Sustainability – The briquettes manufactured from eco-friendly materials and they are regarded as renewable sources of energy.

Environmental Friendliness –The briquettes are used for heating and cooking purposes in the urban areas.

Renewable – If animal dung is used in the manufacture of biomass briquettes then it can be used as fertilizers for crops and gardens. Biomass briquettes are eco-friendly and their use benefits the environment and the people.

Significance & Conclusions

The green chemistry used extensively by chemists, chemical engineers. They are used by environmentalists who design materials that help to move the society towards sustainability. Green chemistry is involved with the production of eco- friendly products instead of preventing waste or cleaning it up. It involves designing of products that are safe and environmentally friendly.

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