30August 2017

Chemical Engineering Assignment Help In USA – Designed By Alchemists

Chemical engineering as the name itself indicates is an amalgam of various disciplines like physical sciences, life sciences and abstract sciences which come together as a perfect mixture. These disciplines include physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and economics. These disciplines are distinct and have unique identities of their own but in chemical engineering, they make a perfect blend. All these sciences can’t do without each other in a chemical engineering project. Chemical engineering basically involves proper use of chemicals and energy. It can be broadly defined as the production, transformation, and transportation of chemical materials. The production of chemicals may involve the use of living microorganisms. These organisms may include bacteria or fungi which use energy to converts raw materials into the required products.

History of Chemical Engineering

The first use of the term ‘chemical engineering’ dates back to 1839 when it was used in relation to the production of sulphuric acid in a published paper. The credit of coining the term goes to George E. Davis in the same year and in the same paper. Chemical engineering was not welcomed at that time as chemical engineers were not the first choice rather not a choice of the industrialists. The industries preferred hiring chemists and mechanical engineers in preference to the fresh chemical engineers at that time.

Chemical engineering in its infancy relied mainly on the concept of unit operations. It is the fundamental concept in the development of chemical engineering. Unit operations refer to the unit wise operations in the production of a particular chemical substance or a chemical reactor. Mr. Davis laid stress on the importance of unit operations in chemical engineering. Prior to him, chemical engineering courses were taught in an institute at London. The course failed due to lack of popularity and got terminated. Courses of chemical engineering at other places such as MIT (USA), Manchester and London (England) also faced similar situations and were forced to close down.

Importance of Chemical Engineering

By taking into consideration above mentioned facts it became clear that the unit operations were not the sole criteria in the development of chemical engineering especially the development of chemical reactors. Other criteria such as transport phenomena and Process System Engineering came into greater focus to define chemical engineering. These criteria taken together formed the concrete base of chemical engineering which paved the way to a novel engineering branch which revolutionized the world. After World War II, it led to the emergence of petrochemical industry which solved the problem of energy production. Later pharmaceutical industry flourished which led to the production of life-saving medicines. It is the contribution of chemical engineering that the world envisioned the ‘age of plastics’ as polymer science came into existence.

In today’s scenario, every single industry or business depends directly or indirectly on chemical engineering. Whether it is an individual or an organization, everybody relies on chemical engineering products. Starting from the household products to highly advanced medicines all need chemical engineering experts to come into the scene.

Online Help For Students

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