20April 2018

What are the Career Options Available for Social Science Graduates?

Social Science is the subject that comes in the arts stream. And students doing graduation for the post graduation program in social science subject usually take the following subjects as their core area of study, history, geography, political science, economics,  civics, Law, psychology, sociology, etc.

Career Options for Social Science Graduates

You must have noticed social science subject does not offer much career exposure after the graduate program at the present time. Therefore, if you like to study social science subject and want to make career in the same field, it is important that you continue your degree program at least to the level of postgraduate.

After  completing the graduation program in social science subject you can applying for the job in following sectors, accountancy, banking and insurance, advertising/marketing, business management, local government, economics, management consultancy, media, market research, politics, retail and sales, psychology, teaching and lecturing, town planning, tourism, etc.

Nevertheless, these industries does not ask for specific subject knowledge from candidates who apply for the job after the graduate degree. The jobs in these sectors remain open for all candidates pursuing courses in diverse subjects. Therefore, career options for social science students after graduation program are available in ample number in one term and in another term it can be said there are limited options.

Start Exploring the Job Options While Studying

In-case, you don’t want to continue your study to postgraduate level or Ph.D. level, and start working after graduation program, then the advice is you should start exploring the job options while studying. You can take the help of assignment assigned to you during your graduate program to interact with people working in the same industry and try to establish contact with them. This contact will help you in getting a good job in the future.

Moreover, you can also take the social science assignment help from professionals while pursuing your graduation program to ensure a good grade in the assignment, which will give you overall good grades and a nice job.

Assignment Play a Significant Role in Establishing Contacts

You would be surprised to know that college assignment is a great tool to come close to the people in the industry where you want to make your career. You can take assignment topic according to your interest area and instead of reading books and turning pages, go out and talk to people in the industry to have more relevant content for your assignment. You can approach your seniors or super seniors for taking social science homework help and start talking.

One example is, “While pursuing a Masters in mass communication, I opted the my assignment topic, ‘role of women in journalism’. While writing this assignment, I interacted with many woman reporter working in different  channels and newspaper to understand their point of view. In the process, I was able to establish contact with some reporters, who later helped me in starting my career.”

So, this is how assignment helped me in establishing contacts in the industry while pursuing my course.

This is how you can start looking for jobs while you are taking the graduation program.

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