22September 2017

Business Management Assignment – The Importance of Developing New Products

Every business in order to flourish needs an improvement from time to time. In order to stay in the market, it has to constantly upgrade itself in the terms of its products and services. Each assignment of business management lays stress on product cycle and introduction of new products in the market. The new product makes you either a market leader or gives you a competitive advantage if you are not. So the development of new products makes the consumers curious about what is next.

In business management, the launching of new products is always advantageous. This is because it gives you an idea that what comes first will definitely lead if everything is conducted in a controlled and precise manner. There is always a credibility assigned to the first innovator of a particular category. Innovation in products must be creative and path-breaking. It may bring excitement in dull product and make it the first choice of the customers. It is difficult to improve an existing product which has lost its earlier charm. To launch a new product is easier as it may attract new customers.

Each new brand needs more sales initially. This could be helped by launching new products. This attracts new customers, media attention and increases the sales. Every company is wise enough to invest money or resources on new products rather on dead products. The detailed survey conducted before the launch of a new product gives the company an idea whether the market will accept the new product or not. The launching should be accompanied by several promotions and offers. This is one of the basic rules on the launching of a new product. Customers find it attractive and go for it. If they love the product, they will have it without promotions and offers in future. Even if you increase the price, they will still go for it. The loyal customers will stick to your brand once they find it suitable to their needs and requirements.

The consumers are always evolving in their taste and lifestyle. They are in constant search for new products as they want to remain updated to the new emerging trends in the world. May it be the clothing or the electronic item, everybody especially the young generations wants everything new. The youth of today wants to be the style icon in every peer group. They need everything new in their wardrobe (clothes), in their hands (cell phones), under them (bikes, cars etc) and above them (house and household items). The youth of today is the largest market which has huge potential. It has not been fully tapped. New products launched in the market, if youth-oriented, can make huge sales and profits. The good quality of the newly launched product makes it loved in the customers.

New product development is an essential exercise of the companies and societies. These may be a tangible product or a service. There are three main and important reasons why development of the new product is the need of every company. These are as follows:

  • New Value for Customers: New development of a product or service always provides new value to the customers. If the product has overwhelming qualities, customers will swarm to it. These new developments in the company keep it growing. No new development means stagnancy in the company which makes it lose competition in the market.
  • Society Improvement: There are certain products in the market which provide the improvement in the society. For example launching of new medicines in the market can save hundreds of lives in the society.
  • Existence and Growth of the Company: Development of new products and services are life and blood of any company or organization. The stagnancy will draw the blood out the veins of the company and the company will die. So, to maintain the life and existence of the company one has to go for developing new products.

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