1September 2017

Arts & Architecture Assignment – Designed By Creativity and Passion

Art is anything which energizes our senses and emotions. It includes various types of activities like painting, sculpture, literature, drama etc. Architecture means the creation of buildings for the purpose of housing and work. It may also be related to religious structures.

An artist is a person who works at creating a unique piece of art. He aims at producing a masterpiece. This involves creativity and passion. In today’s world, technological advancements have made artistic reproduction very easy. This has also made the architectural stream loaded with tons of ideas to make unique and new types of constructions. The products may range from creating just a piece of furniture up to the creation of a whole city. The art and architecture courses now include a preferential knowledge of information technology. They may include a compulsory topic related to computers. This is because no art or architecture representation is complete without getting related to computers, either directly or indirectly.

History of Art & Architecture

Artistic representation cannot be dated to an exact era of emergence. It may be said that when the humans came to know how to draw a line, was the first form of their artistic representation. Slowly they learned about colors like black and white. Later more colors from natural things like flowers, dust, pigments etc came into his knowledge. He began to produce colorful expressions of his activities. He never knew that these representations would one day become a historical fortune for the coming generations. Later, by the invention of paper, recording of these facts was made very easy. The advent of photography has paved way for the storage of these types of historical data in the form of photos and now digital photos with the help of computers. Previously, all was recorded by drawings and paintings.

Architecture dates back to the making of first human dwellings. They took shelter in caves during the unfavorable times. Then they took inspiration from the nests of birds and made their wooden houses. The early constructions were very simple and were just meant to take shelter. Later when civilizations flourished, the artistic approach was made to every part of life. This affected the nature of constructions also. Buildings were made with such taste that they are considered a marvel till today. The wonders of the world, whether ancient or modern, mainly consist of historical monuments or creations.

Importance of Art & Architecture

Art and Architecture are part and parcel of our rich heritage and culture. Our society greatly depends upon both these expressive tools. Today everything depends on these two disciplines either directly or indirectly. Even the computer which is the backbone of every trade is created from computer architecture. Every architectural marvel is not complete without the addition of the artistic element in it. Both Art & Architecture are not just the means of monetary gains but also satisfy the thirst of expressions and emotions one feels. So when a person chooses an art and architecture course, it can benefit him or her in both ways. This can be an excellent career choice and at the same time can fulfill his or her passion towards arts.

Student Help

No doubt, Art & Architecture makes an excellent career option, yet, it may not be easy to handle the same at times. When the complex technicalities of the subject are encountered by the students, they better choose to quit rather fight. Some wise and smart students choose to fight but with the help of right weapons. Here I mean to say the professional and technical help which one can have online. For example, an architecture student has been given an assignment plan of a building. He must look at all aspects of constructions like cozy structure, air-conditioning and heating facilities, fire protection, earthquake resistance, electricity provisions, sanitary and plumbing needs and so on. It needs a hand on in Mathematics and Physics. This is not justified with every student. He or she has to take help from the experienced to complete their assignments. Various web services call out loud about their achievements in providing academic assignment writing help.

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