13June 2018

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Databases?

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The Disadvantages of Database Are:

  • A lot of time is required to design a database.
  • Databases designing is a complex and difficult process.
  • It requires software and hardware start-up costs in a substantial amount.
  • Administrator and user of the database require training.
  • Any damage happens to database will damage all programs that are using that databse. It may also affect all applications.
  • Maintenance of database is also required and it might induce cost.

The Advantages of Database Are:

  • Data entry, read and delete cost is reduced, Update.
  • Reduced data redundancy.
  • Sharing of data is made easy.
  • Inconsistency of data is reduced.
  • The user productivity can be improved.
  • Decision making is improved.
  • Better data access.
  • Improved data integration

So, these are the primary advantages and disadvantages of any database. Now, let’s have a look how database help businesses. This topic will again good for assignment and dissertation writing help on database. However, if you need assignment help on this topic from BookMyEssay, then you can approach them directly for this as well.

A company invests a huge time and money in database collection and management. The database help them to understand who their clients are and how to reach them, thus the database help in customer segmentation.

Help You To Reach Large Audience – The bigger your database would be the largest your reach with target audience would be. When you have a large database, you can never be shot of potential customers, as it help in getting in touch with potential customers directly.

Filter The Target Audience – When companies collect database, it focuses on collecting the information of target audiences exclusively. The database contains contact information of target audience and filter out the unwanted ones.

Ease Of Working – When you have database with you, you do not have to worry about how the business will flourish. Though, the conversion rate in database are not that big, still it is significant to generate profit for any business. So, if a company is not investing in other promotional activities, and focusing completely on database, then also it can generate a good amount of profit.

It Can Be Automated – The database can be automated on CRM for quick contacts with the customers or clients. When the database is automated you do not have to work on it manually. It saves time.

These are the advantages of database, as far as the disadvantages of database is a concern, there are only minimum which we have already mentioned above.

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